AATS24: Sonoma Sources

It’s winter: time to work on the summer crops. I’m participating in this June’s Sonoma-wide Art at the Source 2024, and will be documenting the many changes required to my projects, printing process, book-making, billing, website, advertising, etc. that are needed for that event.

Depending on the results, consider it either a how-to or how-not-to series.

I’m doing this work in concert with other Sonoma artists, most-notably See See but also my studio sponsor Barbara Harris, who will be providing studio display space in Sebastopol – there will also be a salon show at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts, just a few blocks away from that dedicated display.

Here are some of the tasks required over the next three months that I’ll be writing-up in more as-it-happens detail:

  • Tax Registry with the County and State (already done)
  • Placement and posting in the show catalog
  • Creating a small number of images to fill-out some projects
  • Creating New-for-the-show work
  • Budgets and more-detailed budgets
  • Designing and test-printing and production printing of several small series as books
  • Creating and packaging editioned prints to go with those series projects
  • Building-out my own toolkit for the art-fair format: physical and legal
  • Promoting to specific audiences
  • Tracking visitors to Botzilla from both the show catalog and the show
  • Updating botzilla.com to enable a regular email newsletter, and also integration to a sales system

Early days! See you at Studio 16B on June 1st.

Next link in this series: 22 March: Sprung: Ten Weeks to Go

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