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Tonight, perhaps for the first night in a while, I managed to stay home mostly, save for a jot to the market. It let me knock-off the last bits of several library books that I'd been lingering on, but that are now due to return to their many homes across the state:

  • Masahisa Fukase: The Solitude of Ravens
  • Robert Adams: From the Missouri West
  • Robert Adams: What We Bought
  • Dianne Arbus: Magazine Work
  • Andre Kertesz: Diary of Light 1912-1985
  • Terry Hope: Fine Art Photography: Creatring Beautiful Images for Sale and Display
  • Kathryn Marx: Photography for the Art Market
  • Harry Benson: Harry Benson's America
  • Michael Kenna: Night Work
  • Michael Kenna: Calais Lace

All photo books, heh — I didn't actually expect that this time 'round. And most all of them books I've had out before. Guess I just needed the company of old friends.

A few nights back I purchased Seligman's Authentic Happiness and even signed up for his web program but so far I haven't had time to even start on authentic happiness, just my usual ad-hoc franken-happiness.

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