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Santa Clara 2005

Jealousy, it’s pure and simple jealousy.

An hour north of here is fotovision. But not in San Jose.

In Boston they have the Boston Street group. But not in Santa Clara.

So here’s a possible tonic: The Photography Made Difficult Meetup Group. A chance to talk about pictures, and process, and what’s going right and what’s going wrong and are the pictures good enough and maybe just have too much coffee.

As an initial location I chose Barefoot Coffee Roasters because they’re convenient to the highway, the people there are great, the space art-friendly and the coffee top-notch (we go through bags of their Sweetness Espresso with great regularity). At this moment the date for the first meetup is set for the evening of Wednesday, the 9th of February — subject to change as folks who’ve expressed interest let me know what would be a good time for their own schedules.

(PS: Yes, the name is a reference to W. Eugene Smith. He earned it.)

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