Santa Clara, CA

Print Run

Above: Third Near Bryant

These are the prints currently available on-site from Oli Gallery in Guernville, along the Russian River in Sonoma County.

These large prints on aluminum are in single edition – other images from the LiquiditySF project can also be acquired through Oli.

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Summer Cruising

The past weekend I was very happy to have three new Liquidity SF prints hanging in Oli Gallery in Guerneville and the connected Equality Wines tasting room, after a related but wine-less run at the gallery’s Petaluma location.

This coming Sunday will also see prints at the Triton Museum down in Santa Clara.

Two weeks ago the American Grafitti 50th Anniversary-related “Auto-Mobility” show closed - it had one of my “Cruisers” prints at the PAC, as did the “Community” competition show at ImageFlow in Marin County, early in the year.

My favorite activity at openings, when possible: stand anonymously within earshot of your work, and listen to people explain it to one another – even if they hate it. Especially then!


The Washoe House up the road has been open since 1859, making it possibly America’s oldest continuously-operating tavern.

After the assassination of President Lincoln, angry militamen from Petaluma California rode out with the goals of invading the town of Santa Rosa and burning down the offices of an anti-Unionist newspaper. The opponents got as far as the Roblar crossroads, where “The Battle of Washoe House” ended in not in a fight but war-weary drinking.

Photographed on Juneteenth, 2023.

M on L: As Simple as Possible

…and no simpler.

This post is a brief – and simple – description of how I set up my L-Mount Lumix S5ii camera for use with my existing M kit.

There’s very little practical information on the about using M-mount on L, even today, eight years after L-mount was introduced. There are advertisements, sure. But quick practical guides? So maybe this is helpful info for someone.

There are many tricks and video methods in the 800+ page S5ii user manual, but nearly all are unneeded here. Just a couple of steps:

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Pictures Have No Meaning

(©1957 The Richard Avedon Foundation)

I have long admired this photo, made by Richard Avedon in 1957, and you should too.

Roland Barthes wrote in Camera Lucida that “great portrait photographers are great mythologists” and that’s certainly been true for most of the celebrated ones.

For all the deserved accolades, in this brief post I’d like to assert that this picture, and really nearly all pictures: photo, painting, AI or alabaster – are meaningless.

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