Whither Wizzen?

Wizards and Why

Some people think that wizardship is a "reward" given to people who have been on the Palace a long time. This is not true, and it is one of the reasons wizardship typically isn't awarded to people who ask for it. Wizards exist for one principle reason:
To help make the Palace a better place.
- Jim Bumgardner, Originator of The Palace
This phrase by jbum, "To help make the Palace a better place," has been oft-quoted by members and wizards alike and interpreted in as many ways as the story of Genesis.
Upon reflection, I really haven't got a clue what it's supposed to mean. It general seems to work, but YMMV.

Revealed: Sekrit Sooper Powerz!!!

I will take this opportunity to tell you some of the things that a wiz can do that other member's can't, because I just love writing lists