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Every Palace user wants great avatars and props. Some want to draw them, some want to scan them, some want to steal them. Here we'll try to help you to know how to do all three. We'll also throw in some extra info to help palace operators and designers create great room pics.

Because it's simply the best all-around imaging program, most of these pages talk about using Adobe Photoshop for Windows or Mac. The current version is 7.0, and these pages have been used all the way back through version 2.5. But we also know that not everyone's willing to pop eight or nine hundred dollars for an imaging tool (though if you're serious about imaging, it's worth every penny), so there's also plenty of info for people who are fond of less expensive program, like the shareware gems below and lots of tricks and general information that are useful no matter what kind of programs you use, even if it's only the prop editor built-into the Palace client.
Paintshop Pro for Windows and Win95 is a big favorite I've used the now-ancient version 4.10 running under Win95 in these pages, but PSP continues to update to even the newest Wintel versions like W2K and XP.
GraphicConverter for the Mac is a super package at a super price... and will read and write just about any graphics format you can find.

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