The Palace That Never Was... the UnPalace!

Now in Living Color
Now in Living Color
Now in Living Color

Yes! At long last The House o Props n Bots has its very own Palace Site, complete with a fixed address and its own list of banned users. Why do we do this? As an excuse to unleash more dopey scripts on the world, of course!

"The heavens are but a channel for cyborg consciousness"
- Some Robot

What else is new?

What's the address?
It' temporarily finchnest.com:9876 or finchnest.com:9876 port 9876.
Are guests allowed?
Who are the wizards, and the gods?
Ask around. Dr.X is the #1 god. Some areas are "Free-for-allscray" zones, so that anyone can experience some of the fun & terror of wizardship...
Where are the GIFs and Sounds?
There are none required the UnPalace requires only the GIFs and sounds that your Palace client was born with.
Didn't that sentence end with a preposition?
Shut up.
So if it's the same stuff as the Communities.com Mansion Palace, so what?
It's not the same, and most rooms have some surprising scripts. Ever seen Dead Ringers? (Just kidding... really...)
Such as?
Most rooms have been designed as party and game rooms they're all best with a friend or ten in tow. Some in particular need multiple occupants to do anything at all.
If you're stuck alone, try...

If you're with friends, try...

as well as the rooms above....

and then dig around some more!
I don't speak French
If you ask some of my French friends, neither do I. It's not neccesary at the UnPalace, the usual language of choice is English.
I keep getting lost! Is there a map?
Not yet, but I'm working on it. It's not that large (I mean, except for that extra hundred or so rooms in the maze). Useful trivia: Except for a few "dead end" rooms with one door (like Flock Your Wheet), all of the rooms are arranged in interlocking loops.
Will you publish the scripts?
Eventually. Check the House o Houses.
What about that hidden room #888?
That's a dead end.
What all this about a "Love Shack"?
That's another palace on the old rahul.net server, port 9996. I don't run it, but it's fun check it out.
What's New?
Double Trouble

Sept 97: Check out Room #48, "Double Trouble" it's a new highly-competetive two-player game.

Watch here for the web page listing of the winners (and losers!)!!

Name Your Favorite Rooms

Feb 97: We're undertaking a project that will dynamically rename rooms according to requests from you, the users. All rooms should now support the "vote" command say
vote some name
to log your vote for the room to be called "some name." Room names will change to the most-popular voted entry about once per week...

New Room Pics

Feb 97: A few as-yet-unscripted new rooms have appeared.

The Maze

Jan 97: We've upgraded the maze at The Palace That Never Was. It's been switched to "champ" mode no hints!
To enter the maze, just click the entrance doors at the gate or in Cheesehenge; or use "Go To Room..." and jump to the Maze Gate.
The UnPalace Maze is computer generated, and the solution changes every few days (sometimes faster). Rooms, pathways, features are all fluid, so let us know what you like, dislike, or wish you had when lost in there....