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Personalized BotBot Help
Tons more self-righteous and insolent claptrap (in other words, the most useful section) about Palace usage, Palace life, Palace privacy, life after Palace, and more.
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Loads of heavily-biased info on how to use and abuse palace cyborg scripting for those Do-It-Yourself sort of Take-Charge Power User Types (for the rest of us, just use the BotBot). Remember: without scripts, Palace itself would be impossible.
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Lots of hints and tips and information tools to help you make pictures, props, and avatars for use on the Palace. Figure out why some pix look great, while others...
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Our special architectural adjunct to the House o Bots, dedicated to cool palace design and room scripting.
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No, we don't mean the little shack next to the toolshed.
The webpage you've heard about! The easiest-ever high-powered way to generate flashy Palace cyborg scripts... no programming required.

Now fully X2K Compliant, over 100,000 served!

Yes! New, customized help -- for just your own personal BotBot cyborg!
The Book Ask X the Web Page. Our guess book.
UnPalace Temporarily Down - Sorry!
The Palace That Never Was...
and home of that new wacky game the whole nation's wild for,

Double Trouble!

Think of the Unpalace as The Palace Mansion's evil twin (okay, its lighthearted and chummy evil twin). Click here for info.
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Our valiant users to the rescue!
The House of Props n Bots has always been a nonprofit enterprise. Sadly, our old ISP was not. Rising costs threatened to shut down the House, but we will yet survive here at Botzilla. Thanks to Finchy, the FinchNest, and everyone who has helped keep this service alive!

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