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And now, the entries.....

Mon, 10 Jul 06 at 11:48:37

Anyone know that thing gods/owners use to make it LOOK like someone is talking but they really aren't? Like it says they were in the log but on the webpanel log it says that god/owner did it.I forgot it I'm a bit rusty been a year since I had my own palace.

Minako Aino «»

Tue, 27 Jun 06 at 02:54:45

I am looking for a palace cloner. If anyone could tell me where to download one or could send me one i would greately appreciate it, and might even come to your house and cook you a turkey dinner =] I've tried searching and scrolling through the book for links/ tips on where to get a cloner and have only suceeded in getting very frustrated >,< Please helppppppp

katie «»

L337 d373kShuN Un17® Auto-Reply: *Yawn*