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Circular Reasons

It’s Pi Day. Or: π day. Or in cursive, ϖ day, but that’s also the lemniscate constant which is squircular (no, really), so we don’t want that. Not today.

First, the biggest thing that bothers me about Pi Day is that it’s annual, meaning: the earth has to travel (2π) ‘round to get to the next π day, and that is just twice too much wrong.

Like the word inflammable, the public demands that things be this way.

You might find it irrational, but there are similar possible holidays:

A better circular holiday might instead be June 28th, 2π Day, or Full Circle Day. A guy can dream.

9/14 is a possible half-circle opposing companion to today: Anti π Day – if you are Romanian it’s also Engineering Day (and what’s the deal with “holidays” where you are expected to be at work? But that’s another post…).

In the photo, you can see that while we’ve visited the pie shop at 3:14 today, the watch reads it as March 15th, due to this year’s Leap Day. Or 3.1415 depending on if you like that sort of thing.

I suggest that Leap Days be celebrated as Things That Don’t Fit Day. Celebratory options include donating certain recently-received holiday gifts. Or wearing them. Once.

Likewise for the sloppy reader, I advocate enjoying More-or-Less π Day on July 22nd, since 22/7 is 3.142857142857143… which is close enough for calendar work.

The Circle of Life

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