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Aww Gee's

One glance at Craig’s List and 20 minutes later I was in possesion of another G, from a fellow just a few blocks away and dirt-cheap. So now I’ve got a Canon G5 to replace the long-suffering, taped-together, and now deceased G1, and as a quiet digital companion to my Contax G2.

Dumb? Hmm, just last week I picked up an LX1 (aka Leica DLux2) for the wide lens and the 16:9 aspect ratio (looks cool displayed on the Sony PSP — a great way to carry a catolog of images, added to my other catalogs on the celphone and ipod)

I forgot to include my other G in this snap: the old Canonet G-III. Ah well.

First impressions of the G5 over the G1: manual use is incredibly improved, along with strobe handling. Sounds like it’s time to revise some of the Botzilla Canon pages, now that the G5 has been out of production for months…

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