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France - A Close Guide

Book Available — complete online preview link below.

At the end of 2019 we wandered a few weeks back and forth through France: visiting old neighborhoods and new, old friends and new. We had no clue that it might be years before American visitors will be allowed to return.

Attempting to avoid the usual photos, a project.

La règle du jeu:

  • Use only the 50mm “normal” perspective.
  • Use only the “portrait” vertical format.
  • Focus always to exactly one meter.

Project Photos Online Here – if you like this album, want to see how it looks in your hand, and would like to support PhotoRant – then by all means, feel free to buy a copy!

ISBN 9781006763564: It’s almost like visiting Provence.

(A tip of the karmic chapeau to Ralph Gibson’s first color book L'Histoire De France.)

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