Kevin Bjorke
Kevin Bjorke
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An Older Future

Second of January.

A New Year’s trek to the northern tip of Point Reyes is becoming a ritual. Fog, sea, wind, elk. All of them indifferent to the few small and transient hikers.

In December a pocket’s worth of expired rolls of 120 film were discovered in a file cabinet. They came along for the elk walk to feed the same twin-lens camera I used in High School.

Its mechanics are probably slowing, but the film is even weaker, and fogged by years of all-penetrating cosmic rays.

I’d forgotten this experience. You choose your view, line it up, click the shutter. And nothing else.

No quick review. No likes (and no phone signal, here behind the hills and against the sea). The life of the picture is yet to come. Today you are just here.

Looking West
Looking West

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