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John Erhart

This past weekend was the Margo Davis “Photographing People” workshop, offered through UC Santa Cruz and given nearby in Palo Alto. This was actually the first sort of photo class I’ve taken since my brief distribution semester back at CalArts…

Margo is a well-known B&W portraitist and creator of the recent book and gallery show Under One Sky. The course brought in students of varying interests, levels of experience, and backgrounds; and she was great at being inclusive and attentive to all.

Margo is small and very kinetic — watching her work with another student as a subject, and then in her suggestions to my own shooting, I came to appreciate how that same (inate?) kinesthetic and spatial sense could be (and was) reflected in her way of posing subjects, moving the camera, etc.

I was happy with the experience because I learned a lot of things that I wasn’t really expecting to learn from really everyone there, including the formal characteristics of what Margo describes as “edge of the forest” lighting, which is what I used for the portrait at right, of activist and co-student John Erhart.

I’ll try to post some other photos from the workshop to flickr in coming days, under the shared tag margo_davis.

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