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“Too hyper to be useful.” That’s me!

Non-sequitur of the day…

…the context being: my plan to use two old Yashicas as a stereo pair camera. I have my 124G and an older 124 – both the same lens, same format, the differences between the cameras are mostly cosmetic.

They can’t be closer to one another than around 4 inches when shooting, or they can’t be wound. Too hyper?

This pair was made with even greater separation, via the “cha-cha” method – moving the camera by stepping to the side while waiting for the strobes to recycle. I stil think there are useful things to be found in this sort of “too close” method, however amplified the depth may be.

My next post will talk about some very cool developments in the world of stereo that I saw (at our own booth!) at the Game Developers’ Conference, GDC 2005.

(Again, this post uses cross-eyed viewing – if anyone has a specific request for a parallel pair, let me know)

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