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Two new PDF books from Cosmin Bumbut (you know, the 7 days guy who also cropped-up later on in Lenswork): Tilted Land and Dimineti

Multiple hand-picked drip and espresso selections at Barefoot Coffee with Courtney, under the supervision of BF’s Andy.

The ongoing household purge, emptying another massive bag of trash from the shelves and closets (including the last five yours or so of PDN magazine — I tore an article out of most every issue, more or less, but the rest got chucked: reduced the stack by over 90%. A good rag, but one that has a hard time acknowledging that artwork has any purpose other than sales).

A phonecall from one of my heroes, Robert Bergman, in response to an APUG post. When Bergman’s book A Kind of Rapture appeared back in ‘98, it caught many (me, at least) offguard, as if it had dropped from a comet — his call was just as surprising and full of its own light — a very welcome message from the outer cosmic reaches of Minnesota.

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