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(C)2003 K Bjorke Three rolls of Delta 400, 15:30 in Xtol 1+1 for ISO 800. One roll of new Tri-X TX400 in Rodinal 1+25, 7 mins. All @ 20C.

You’ve got dust leaks on the CCD, you’ve got wet leaks on the darkroom floor. My friend Joel was knocked flat on his back one morning when ammonia leaked through an aluminum pipe in our movie-film-processor, creating a dizzying gas leak.

You’ve got light leaks in the camera, light leaks in the scanner, light leaks in the drum, light leaks in the film can. I label all my re-useable cans, and if I see a light leak on the negs the can gets tossed.

Had one this morning:

“Sep03v - D@800 - 9/5/03” “Shibuya/Hachiko”,9/5/2003,Auto,f8.0,”Delta 400 Pro”,”G2”,”28mm Biogon”

Leaks around the last three frames, leaks along one edge across the roll. One frame ruined, the rest fine — but no more. Sorry, can “D” — “D” is for “Doom.”

The worst leak of all, though, is a leaky pocket, like the one in my green jacket.

“Aug03z - S@800 - 8/31/03” “Sincheon Food Street, Seoul - Night”,8/31/2003,Auto,f4.5,”Delta 400 Pro”,”G2”,”45mm Planar” “Hacker Membership Discoteque”,8/31/2003,Auto,f4.5,”Delta 400 Pro”,”G2”,”45mm Planar”

Somewhere in Korea, on the floor of New Hacker or Lotte World or somewhere in the gutter along Chamsil-dong, my jacket leaked out completed roll “S” in the wee hours of a Sunday night. The notes and the memories are all I have left. Grrr.

At least it wasn’t a memory card — then again, I might have noticed earlier.

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