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Monterey (C) 2003 Kevin Bjorke So Courtney brought my last two C-41 rolls from the To-Do box to Long’s this afternoon and now I have a shot-but-unprocessed backlog of zero, not counting the couple of rolls that are currently loaded in cameras (including an Ektachrome 100VS 6x6 roll from January, sigh). If I want more pictures, I’d best go out and make some.

Current supplies: five rolls of TMax 100, 13 rolls of Delta 400, two rolls of Kodak Gold 100 neg and a test roll of the new Ektachrome 100 G. About a half-dozen 120 E100VS rolls, two long-cut (old bottom-loading Leica-style) TMax 100 rolls, and of course the digital… with about 200 exposures of ancient digibacklog from Helsinki needing to be spooled-off to CD (never to be seen again?).

The real question, as ever, is what to do with it.

Ideas jotted into the visor at various times:

  • Rooms of the House
  • Seeing beyond the seen: psychics
  • The ongoing "infinity marker project" (inside joke w/Contax)
  • Crappy bars
  • Gameboy
  • I-880

Grrr. None of them seem all that satisfying, at least not at this hour. Psychics, though — seeing beyond or through or past the surface of things is what they’re all about, at least that’s the story. And maybe that’s exactly what I want to get out of these pictures — a source of second sight. Or do I really want to degenerate the unseen into objects, handy little paper rectangles? Am I just looking for an excuse to objectify every experience? I’m pretty darned sure I don’t want scenic vistas and adorable kitties, but I’m feeling waffly about what I do want today. Ticks me off at myself.

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