Playing All Sides


Despite my belief that Facebook has been a large-than-deserved time sink for myself, I've finally managed to add proper "like" buttons to these pages. Took a little reminding myself how javascript worked, but now every entry has its own "like" button so that, well, so that Facebook can sell more ads.

I've also been poking at Google Currents as a distribution mechanism for mobile devices, in addition to puzzling over how to make botzilla itself tablet-friendly and how to best reduce all photos to 400 pixels (to bend the old saw about cameras, "the best photo gallery is the one in your hand"?).

What's a bit of a puzzle to me is how to best incorporate either of these with some of the other aspects of botzilla that I'm looking to enhance, especially heavier use of <canvas> tags using animation and where possible WebGL. Given that Facebook looks for static images to grab as thumbnails, and that Currents runs off of RSS, how to best show-off fun animation and interactive imaging experiments?

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