I've been reluctant to engage in the five things meme — mostly because when I thought about answering it, my mind would transform into clear gelatin, leaving me unable to think of a doggoned thing. And my usual excitement about web memes is surpassed only by the suggestion of a stirring round of the Minister's Cat. Still, Todd finally got me going.

I've noticed that most people answer at least some of the questions with anecdotes about their irresponsibly wastrel childhoods. This game is, of course, all about scandal! I guess time gives obscurity (and these days, for those who blog every last dumb thing, what else is there that people don't know already?). I'll toss out one old and four current. I'll leave out the part about how I used to introduce myself at L.A. parties as "Sven Skarnasdag."

  1. I used to be terrified of the numeral 7 and would avoid arithmetic problems like "17+2=__" unless protected from the 7 by a friendly 3 or (better) 5. Regardless, I ended up eventually doing well in math & testing out of my college math requirements, though it made no difference as I went to art school (either did my placement as a National Merit Scholar). Oddly, I now work in a highly-mathematical field. Jacobian determinants, anyone?
  2. I lost over forty pounds two years ago. I gained about ten back during the last year because I kept thinking "well, just this one slice of cake..." Lesson learned. Currently, I'm going down again & still wear those jeans.
  3. My mom reads my blog. But my daughter does not (much).
  4. I haven't shot any new film since the second week of December. Plenty of pictures, but none on film. It's such a PITA to travel with film these days. I've been buying a fair bit of film. The Contax and Bronica have recently been reloaded. Hmmm, wonder what I'm up to....
  5. I dunno but Alaska. I've been in all the other 49 states, and yet not Alaska, despite having an uncle there.

As for the nominating end-game:

will all keep any curious reader busy, even if they've been tagged before.

February 26, 2007



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Comments on "Five"

February 27, 2007 07:18 PM


I don't think I have anything as interesting as your no. 1. I could probably borrow your no. 4. It's odd, I'm always telling people I use lots of weird old film cameras. I have no good excuses.

As for scandal. Unlikely.


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