It's been too hot all week to process anything. The tap water is still close to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Three rolls today in Foma F09 ("Ur-Rodinal") 1::20 — two rolls of Neopan 1600 exposed @ISO 800 and overdeveloped (8 minutes instead of 5 for normal ISO1600 images), and one roll of Acros exposed @ISO 50 instead of 100 and processed for 11 minutes (instead of somewhere around 7). The aim was high contrast, and the Acros negs definitely show it, but the Neopan 1600 negs seem only a tad darker than usual. A surprise.

I'll be heading to Boston for Siggraph over the weekend. Probable kit will be the same as my last trip, the LX1 and the RF645. Toting them along with my heavy (but still sweet) Dell laptop is quite a load....

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