I started writing this on Friday. Or Saturday. It has been a week of many good things. Of real moments, whatever those might be. Every day with something amazing and I thought I'd write them down but even as I started new amazing things were happening, either around me or — importantly — inside me, in reaction to events, to books, to music, to art, to people. Can there be a higher human experience than realization?

I can make a list but it's important that such a list is open-ended:

  • I received and began to read Geoff Dyer's book The Ongoing Moment
  • I finish Raghubir Singh's River of Color.
  • I discovered the music of Sufjan Stevens.
  • The return of my DSLR enabled me to enjoy and grab a tiny hold of our one morning of brilliant sunlight.
  • I revisited an old friend, the movie The Red Violin, and was so struck by the virtuosity of Samuel L Jackson's performance as his character recognizes the instrument for what it is.
  • Two friends, Mike & MJ — each took a sort of shared spirit journey. Mike whimsically, with not quite 100 cups of coffee, and MJ making her way across the desert like Byron crossing the stormy heath.
  • I finally saw the prints of Katy Grannan at the Fraenkel. I was happily blessed with a new companion, Z, whose tastes I hadn't anticipated but who loved those prints even more than I.
  • Afterwards Z told me the history of her family in Japan, a real-life Ambersons-like epic stretching back to Meiji times and around the globe.
  • The other 49 Geary gallery spaces were filled with other solid art, none of it worth skipping.
  • Walter Murch
  • I finally heard a new Yoko Kanno album, one of the OST's for Wolf's Rain.
  • I got around to reading Guy Kawasaki's blog and found that it was better than I could have hoped, that his character and mind are as sharp and generous as they have ever been.
  • Phil Scott visited from the UK, a surprise appearance.
  • Y & I saw Sleepytime Gorilla Museum and Secret Chiefs 3 in a show where both bands so clearly showed their enthusiasm and mad crazy joy in doing what they loved here on their home turf. My ears were still ringing 24 hours later, heh
  • Brokeback Mountain and the important distinction between loving and the ability to be loved.
  • Another old friend, Magnolia — filled with incredible and precise performances. Rebecca watching it just now in the family room and as Stanley answers the gameshow musical question by singing oracularly from Carmen and the camera sweeps in toward him and I'm think how charged the world can be with magic and at that moment I turn to the next room to see:

    "I'm bored" says the voice behind the disc.
  • I recall the name Margalo.

January 16, 2006



The Troubles


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January 17, 2006 12:36 PM

Such good discoveries and realizations. This made me smile.


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