I've been slow as a congressman on getting the rest of my gear together, but I think I've decided the new piece: a Sea-Quest Pro QD+ BCD — the lift and sizing seems right for me and the price isn't too grim...

That still leaves me without my own a regulator (I'll probably go for an Aqualung Titan LX), an octopus (Aqualung Legend), some sort of console/SPG/computer (Oceanic Veo 180?). So another $600 of stuff to get after this next purchase. Plus Oceanic will hit me for another $90 for a cable to connect the dive computer to your PC :/ I still won't have tanks or weights, but who buys tanks or weights? Plus I have to save-up for that swell heads-up display (it's not clear if the HUD will integrate an underwater MP3 player).

It has occured to me, of course, that I could have gotten a nice Canon 20D for the same overall cost. But the 20D would just be a new version of what I already have. It makes pictures, just like my other picture-taking tools. The scuba gear makes completely new experiences.

January 13, 2006



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January 14, 2006 12:23 AM

Slow as a congressman .... niiiiiice! Made me chuckle. :-)


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