It's baa-a-ck

So Canon did it — put Humpty Dumpty back on the wall. The digital Cantax has returned, with a new (quieter?) shutter and a repaired lens release mechanism too.

They removed every inch of gaffer tape from the camera (I had peeled back a lot before sending it in, but they were far more thorough). Surprisingly, however, they left the Russian "brain-transplant" software in place...

Guess I'll add re-taping to my to-do list. I've come to realize I've got quite a stack of recently-purchased and never-read books, including the Parr Photobook: A History which had been backordered for so long. Martin Parr will be appearing here in San Francisco on the 24th — I'd better get to reading!

All this and Iron Python, MacWorld, and EI 2006 in the next couple of weeks too! Guess it was good that I got out a little over the break because it looks like I'll be working, studying, and staying focused for a bit.

January 06, 2006





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