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I've added nine more pix to the slideshow from New Years Eve.

They're at the front, so if you've seen the rest, it's easy to see all the new ones at once.

Do you know why digital wins over film when shooting color? Because there are no decent C-41 labs within a thirty-minute drive of here. Which means at best I have to drive 30 minutes to Keeble's, 30 minutes back, then repeat the process to pick up the negs hours later. Or at worst bring it to anywhere local and then spend a good deal more than those two wasted hours trying to spot-out all the crap and scratches they leave on my negatives (or even crease marks, as I recently experienced when a roll marked "process only" was dutifully folded-up into a wad and stamped flat in an envelope by one local lab guy).

These last few frames from Saturday night were completely mis-treated by a guy who was standing there listening while I discussed with his manager how I wanted the negs handled. In fact I asked him some extra questions about handling rollfilm negatives. When I returned and found the negs mis-cut and with bits of dirt scratching against them inside the "clean" enveleope? He shrugged and walked off...


$4.79 please.

January 04, 2006





Comments on "More New"

January 5, 2006 10:08 PM

It's the results that matter. I think the "film feel/look" if there is such a thing works really well with this set. Worth the effort.

How about using a mailorder lab? Not fast enough? Feeling the need to turn around those pics quickly? I hate that self-inflicted pressure and give in to use digital in the end... because I is weak.


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