So one might ask (I know I have) what's with the diving?

Quite simply, it's something that I've been meaning to do for years but either laziness or domestic pressure kept me away from it. I'm diving with a mask that I bought in the late 1980's, back when I first planned to do a lot of scuba. And it didn't happen. Nor did it happen in the 90's. Or later. But the mask is still good, and looks great with my 2005-edition Mares Quattro Excel limited edition metal-foil fins. I snorkeled whenever I could during our years down in the islands, and now — in 50-degree water — I'm finally following a desire that goes back to watching Jaques Cousteau on the TV as a wee kid. Label it as you will, but I'm glad to be doing it — check off one more box on my list.

I got my dive lights, BTW.

I've been doing less photo recently, partly due to scuba, partly due to the demise of both digital cameras, and partly to my expanding social life, all of which leave less time for darkroom work and the like. The photography's coming back, though — rather than swapping one equipment-heavy passtime for another. Ain't so. For some reason, I used to own a Nikonos III and a nice Ikelite housing for my Super 8. I can't even remember how I had them, but I know I did. I have a feeling the Nikonos will bubble-up again, loaded with Tri-X destined for a thick vat of Rodinal.

It's not a swap. It's all about convergence, baby. You'll see.

November 25, 2005



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November 28, 2005 04:17 PM

Tell me this means pictures of fishies!!


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