On Tuesday Canon told me they can fix (actually replace) my whacked shutter for marginally less than the cost of a new camera, so that's what we'll do. Not sure if it will return before the holidays... in the meantime I always have my celphone cam and the new old Elan 7E, which has been a real joy to use, alongside the Bronica. The Elan is quick, light, and impressively quiet. I really don't know why DSLRs are all much louder than Canon's film cameras.. makes no sense to me!

A new DSLR was a holiday possibility but I think I'd rather have a new set of dive lights and a wetsuit... instead of doing a lot of shooting I've spent the last couple of weekends (and this upcoming one) doing scuba. A little Nor-Cal hypothermia never hurt anyone, heh.

If the weather in Monterey permits, by the end of this weekend I'll have cranked my certification up another couple of levels to Advanced Open Water Diver, with an extra cert for Enriched Air Nitrox. Wet w00t!

Happy Thanksgiving and Buy Nothing Day to all.

November 24, 2005





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