The words you don't want to see if you own a Canon: "ERR 99"

My 300D blinked them this afternoon. The manual suggested removing and replacing the battery. Nope. "ERR 99" again. Switched CF cards. ERR 99. Eventually, I gently lifted the mirror to look at the shutter.

Wow. Ouch.

Two blades seem to have collided, rather than traveled past one another. One buckled, ripped in a way that I don't think you could do deliberately. The torn corner sticks a half-centimeter forward, straight out from the back of the body. This shutter has had it. Tomorrow I'll call Canon to inquire about a repair (most likely a complete shutter replacement, I'd guess), but I'm not particularly hopeful.

In a bit of pique I ran out and bought an old Elan 7E as a standin-in backup body that will still take my Canon lenses — as you might expect these days, it went dirt-cheap. Depending on the repairability of the 300D, I may be in the market for another DSLR or two :/

In the mean time, lots of fun stand-developing Tri-X and HP5. Stand-developed 35mm Tri-X @ ISO 2400 looks pretty darned good, for what it is.

November 08, 2005





Comments on "99"

Martin Taylor
November 9, 2005 06:36 PM

I'm sorry to hear that your 300D self-distructed. It would have been fun to hear what a Canon service center made of your ghetto Rebel but I'm guessing it won't make financial sense to fix. Sometimes it's nice to be pushed into having to buy new toys.

Commiserations - Martin

November 9, 2005 08:36 PM

I had Err99 the other day. Removing lens and battery resolved it. Your case is different, of course. I have lamented before about how cameras have become "consumer electronics", and breakdowns are almost expected.

Let me know if you need assistance sourcing a new piece from this part of the world, dollar rate is very favourable right now.

November 10, 2005 02:38 AM

Yeah, the camera incident pretty much ruined that day for me.

Wow, two digicams in what, three months? I'm setting records (and not admirable ones at that).

November 12, 2005 11:29 AM

Thx - FWiW Martin, Canon techs have ALREADY seen the ghetto body -- I've replaced parts on it a couple of times. No comment from them, it's probably not a first... and not as bad as the glitter-encrusted decorative cameras they're selling in Japan these days, branded with celbrity names like Gwen Stefani & Lindsay Lohan.

My rough estimate on the shutter is about due to fail -- Canon had claimed a MTBF of 50,000 exposures and that seems about right, I think it was around 49,000 (if I read their numbering scheme correctly -- the last frame on my laptop right now is 48818 and I know it was used for several hundred additional frames after that). Considering how much environmental craziness it's experienced, it did okay w.r.t. its design spec.


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