485_8508.jpgI noticed that my jeans were loose, and on a lark tried on a pair of 31-waist jeans, not really expecting to be able to put them on at all. Amazingly, they fit! And they feel good. And to complete my silly self-adoration, they make my legs look a lot better than the size 34 (and even size 36) jeans that I've had lying around.

I'm surprised? Yeah, I'm surprised.

I guess it goes hand in hand with the recent discovery that I could wear my old surf rash guard, or the college-vintage jacket I wore to the local Mensan Halloween party on Saturday night (drunken pirates arguing superstring theory and fractional-spin Fermions — gotta love it). Back to my early Hawaii sizes, before the spam musubi overtook the swimming (and before moving back to the mainland almost killed all physical activity other than typing).

While my BMI is hardly in the underweight range, according to demographics I'm apparently in the slimmest 11% of the male US population... a somewhat disturbing factoid, to my mind. I doubt I'd be rated as anything beyond "average" in any other country, but here in the land of Super-Sized it's another story.

While I'm happy snuggling myself into a spandex shirt, I doubt, however, that I'll take Rebecca's excited suggestion for a body wax. Even my vanity has some limit.

Yeah, right.

October 30, 2005



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