What's On My Treo?

Okay, I've succumbed to the meme, and already seem to be in a mood for lists. My Treo is an oh-so-not-2006 model, a Treo 600, but T-Mobile doesn't support the 650 (at least, they didn't when I bought the 600).

Moving more apps online belies what's going on with the phone, I've come to realize. The presence of a simple web browser doesn't tell you a thing about the flickr and rojo and rabble accounts that may be lurking wirelessly out of sight. But here's the list anyway:

Initiate was a whim purchase last week. Well worth the trouble as a replacement for the regular launcher.
Xiino likewise replaced Palm's "Blazer" web browser for the sake of its speed.
SnapperMail supplanted Palm's anemic mailer and works with my gmail account.
EasyCalc not only rocks, it's on SourceForge
Hi-Note replaces the Memo pd, is heirarchical, and has drawing tools. Sweet.
iPedia is a dedicated, fast link to WikiPedia. Always handy at the museum to be able to casually observe: "Yes, this Corsus et Callirhoe is all very nice but really you know Fragonard just painted what he thought the judges would like so he could get into the Academie — I don't really buy all that later eulogising by Diderot." Or the ability to figure out just what OMFUG means.
Causerie for IM -- you can spot me on AIM when using it as "DeepEyeSeven" or "BotzMobile"
Adobe Reader is worthwhile when you're too tired to fetch a book. Currently I keep a full copy of David Hurn's and Bill Jay's On Being a Photographer loaded.
Documents to Go & HandZip
I still haven't decided about Hand/RSS
Noah Lite is my quick dictionary when I can't hit Wikipedia.
Building this list, I realize there are apps I never use, like DiddleBug. I'm sure someone loves this app but it, and a few others, haven't been too compelling for me. I'll leave them out.
Foto Timer is indispensable to my darkroom work — the series of segments, corresponding to different parts of each process, make all the difference in keeping my results consistent.
Sadly, GoPix no longer works for me on the Treo, after long faithful service on the Visor.
pCAM & pCINE are lens calculators driven by PocketC
Pickem tries to suppress the cheezy camera artifacts. Then again I like the cheezy camera artifacts
Qset lets me control the quality of camera pix. I leave it at 85, mostly
SplashPhoto has a better viewer than Palm's, but I still use the Palm camera app
Portable Keyboard I thought the external keyboards were just pretentious coffee-house affectations until I tried one. HUGE difference, it really transforms the use of email and Hi-Note, even SMS — and it does fit in a (large) pocket.
OmniRemote I used to use this a lot at Square, but not so much any more.
TinySheet is crucial. Not great for huge spreadsheets, but terrific for tracking stocks, keeping track of car data, lens tables, and it's Excel-compatible.
My Learn Alpha is always loaded with Kanji. Not thaty I can read them worth a darn.
Games & Entertainment:
GTuner sounds loud and a bit annoying but it does let you tune your guitar any time, any where.
pTunes consumes most of my 1GB SD card — it plays un-DRM'd MP3's. People complain about the battery usage but it doesn't bother me a bit. No trouble. Plus, pTunes works through headphones or in a pinch, the built-in speakerphone speaker — a feature ipod doesn't have.
I got a copy PalmaSutra a while back, when I was using my Visor Platinum. Can't say I actually access it much but I leave it loaded on the Treo for a sort of sentimental wonder: with each page of instructions there's an extra area for writing notes. One can imagine: "#43, The Nail: Difficult to reach phone."

October 06, 2005



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