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A couple of weeks back I made a short list of B&W-related groups on flickr. Click the link for the full list, I'll mention just a couple here:

  • New Black and White was created in reaction to some rather poor behavior from the admins of groups like "Black and White" — the charter purpose is to improve the signal-to-noise ratio and present photography that's a bit more ambitious than the usual flickr free-for-all — while still remaining open for public posting, images are often deleted based on purely subjective judgements.
  • White and Black is a similar group, with QA performed by keeping the membership list restricted to invitees.
  • Black and White Portraits is one of two B&W portrait groups. The quality of pictures here, imo, is a bit better.
  • 35mm Black and White is the designated retro group, not far from
  • Do It Yourself

And as a bonus, you can subscribe to the APUG robot RSS flickr feed.

August 11, 2005





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