Looking Back, Moving Forward

Three 35mm rolls of HP5+, two 220 rolls of TXP 320, all in Xtol 1+1.

It's been a month since posting I Bought a Book and frankly, I've been overbooked. It's summertime, and with summer comes Siggraph, where I presented some new shading and art tools for NVIDIA and also served as host/chair for two sketches sessions, "Cinematography" and "Lighting Models in Rendering" — as well as the usual host of vendor events, partner meetings, and the sort of old-friends-obstacle-course that is Siggraph and the sidewalks surrounding the convention center. Add to that trips to Minnesota for Isaac, Hawaii and the Sierras for Rebecca; Isaac's two rock bands; scrambling to meet the deadlines for abstracts and proposals for Electronic Imaging 2006 and GDC 2006; lots of time wasted learning to use a new phone; hockey season and cross-country practices; attending Photo San Francisco a couple of BAP events; and — most of all — Courtney & I with more than our fair share of personal emotional turmoil... as important as photorant is, while PhotoPermit and flickr got updates, this site got back-burnered for a bit.

In a few days will come some vacation time, to chill out poolside in San Diego while Isaac competes in the 2005 Pokémon TCG World Championships, representing Northern California. Rebecca & I are his guests, or you could say all three of us are the guests of Nintendo. We're all excited and proud to see Isaac excel so famously.

I'll bring some follow-on books, as will Rebecca. She's got a nice stack of titles here that need reading before the start of the new school year, in just under a month: Oliver Twist, Dracula, Sophie's World, A Distant Mirror, Plato's Republic, and Arundhati Roy's The God of Small Things.

As for my own stack, I've got another Lakoff, Where Mathematics Comes From; a short but time-intensive slice of computer graphics books: The Art of Rigging, 3DS Max Fundamentals & Beyond, Model Rig and Animate with 3DS Max 7, Experience XSI 4, along with a comprehensive reading of the Siggraph 2005 Conference Proceedings themselves (and Dan Ablan's Digital Cinematography and Directing, which has been lingering on the shelf alongside Brian Hawkins's Real-Time Cinematography for Games); Patti Bellatoni's film color-design book If It's Purple Someone's Gonna Die; Dennet's Darwin's Dangerous Idea and Darwin's Expression of Emotions in Man and the Animals; John Brownlow's shooting script for Sylvia; John Berger/Jean Mohr's Another Way of Telling; Karim Rashid's Evolution; Caponigro's Photoshop Master Class; David Walsh's teen neuropsych book on WHY Do They Act That Way?; a middling stack of unread PDN, Black & White, Communications of the ACM, Dr Dobbs' Journal, Aperture, and National Geographic; a half-dozen unwatched DVDs, two or three unplayed video games, and brand-spanking new copies of XSI 5, Maya 7, and the yet-to-be-released FX Composer 2.0. I'm afraid to look at the TiVo playlist.

To stave off boredom, I'll be posting more here in the coming days, along with getting some new printing done for the Pacific Arts League and prepping for a class I plan to take through UC Santa Cruz.

August 08, 2005





Comments on "Looking Back, Moving Forward"

Jeremy Moore
August 8, 2005 04:16 PM

If she hasn't picked up a copy of Plato's Republic yet, I HIGHLY recommend Allan Bloom's translation. It is esteemed as among the BEST translation of the Republic and I don't know of a professor or writer who professionally uses/cites anything else.


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