After a couple of weeks' struggle with Apache and EnSim the journal's active again (thanks Lynn for putting up with my many phone calls). By coincidence, I'd already started writing daily into a different journal — a paper one. For all the value I get from my PDA, it's just plain rotten for writing. So I picked up a Moleskine notebook to carry. I can't buy into all that Hemingway and Andreé Breton marketing, but it's well-suited for what I wanted, a notebook to scribble thoughts in when they're fresh, not after hours when I have time for the blog. And thoughts that might never be in the blog while I'm at it. It's silent, instant-on, lightweight, durable. I'm almost tempted to just switch the blog over to scanned pages from it.


It's also a valid log book for shooting — not a log of the state of my camera settings, which I dutifully record using GoPix. Instead, I can use it to log something more durably important — the state of my self.

December 18, 2004



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