I haven't written much about work at NVIDIA recently, mostly because the developer web site contains plenty of publicity information and technical information about what I've been doing, as occasionally does the gamer co-site nZone — the company already does a great job of P.R. without my little blogging contribution. Still, I wanted to hype some of the work the Demo Group has been doing. Among their many creations have been the two NVIDIA signature characters, Nalu the mermaid and Dawn the fairy (and her "evil twin" Dusk).

Recently Dawn and Dusk leapt out of their regular roles as PR models for NVIDIA and have taken on a new role working with the band Evanescence over at MTV — as the featured players in what I think is the best-ever clip from MTV's show Video Mods. Click here and look for "Bring Me To Life" to see the video. Go ahead, compare it to the rest — this is the immediate future of realtime entertainment.

Dawn is also now in the running for Miss Digital World, over in Italy. Check out the contest and vote for her....

November 26, 2004



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