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It's been many days again since I've written here (though I have written a few short entries for PhotoPermit.Org), a good chunk of them consumed by reading. I feel like I've had some growth and change in the way I approach picture books. And that's separate from doing a perhaps nutty thing with photo books: trying to view them through a camera viewfinder, to get a better grasp on what might have been seen by the original shooter (something worth doing once, but if it's persistent, call a doctor).

No, but I think my new plateau comes from a similar leap of imagination, of having a stronger sense of what was in the maker's mind for each image: where to stand with the camera, when to press the shutter; how to lay down the colors broadly and then to refine them with each successive stroke of the brush. The reading is slower but the enjoyment deeper.

Since Red Color News Soldier, which I'd written about earlier, I've managed to make it through these books:

Picture Books — most new, and a few old friends from the bookshelf:

FlamingoRobert Frank
Black and White ThingsRobert Frank
New York to Nova ScotiaRobert Frank
U.S. Camera Annual 1958contained an insert of proto-Americans Robert Frank
Americans, WeEugene Richards
Phaidon 55Eugene Richards
A Storybook LifePhilip Lorca-Dicorcia
A Kind of RaptureRobert Bergman
Tete á TeteHenri Cartier-Bresson
PortraitsRichard Avedon
1964Garry Winogrand
Photographs 1934-1975W. Eugene Smith
Radiant IdentitiesJock Sturges
People in the EnvironmentJonathan Hilton
RevelationsDiane Arbus et al

Not-so-many-pictures Books:

Emotions RevealedPaul Ekman
The Creative HabitTwyla Tharp
Pictorial Composition
and the Critical Judgement of Pictures
Henry Rankin Poore
Between the EyesDavid Levi Strauss
The Five Love LanguagesGary Chapman
Avedon at Work in the American WestLaura Wilson
The Crisis of the RealAndy Grundberg
StepfamiliesDr. James H. Bray & John Kelly
Ways of SeeingJohn Berger

And many others I'm trying to get traction on, reading a page here or there at a time:

Stop StaringJason Osipa
Maya Character AnimationJae-Jin Choi
Programming C#??
Golive Classroom in a BookAdobe
A Man with a CameraNestor Alemendros
Last half of the JournalEugene Delacroix the usual array of photo magazines, computer rags, Game Developer, ornery web forum postings, travel to Las Vegas and Seattle, and a big batch of work to push forward at the office, including multiple tradeshows and an upcoming journey to Europe plus writing on the next book, GPU Gems 2, and most-recently a good number of hours spent judging a contest for DeviantArt. Oh yeah, and an election.

November 09, 2004





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November 28, 2004 05:24 AM

I think that should be Almendros (without the extra e). I love that book, or I did, back in the days when I was desperate to make movies.


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