The Calm After the Storm

So there was a civil trial this morning that slightly shifted-around the schedules of the children but left most everything alone, at least in day-to-day terms. We'll finally have entire family weekends, for the first time in eight years. As I often say, the domestic courts are upside down. Eight years of court appearances as punishment for the sentence I've already served. Frustratingly, I didn't get a chance to report today on half the abusive, ridiculous crap that we've had to go through — no time, water under the bridge, I'm just a big crab you know. Bleah. I could go on about biases in "the system" w.r.t. dads or religion or any number of things but in the end it's just a lot of running around and running up bills for very little accomplishment.

Now that it's over (again), for the first time in weeks (actually, since January of 2003) I can feel comfortable sitting down to read a book or a newspaper and not be worrying that I should really be working on evidentiary documentation or writing declarations and statements. And if this crap ever comes back, I've got plenty of information ammo already stacked up in the garage.

I also learned an extremely valuable lesson: always call the police. Giving people any slack for abuse is not ever an acceptable option. Ever. And never again.

Comments on "The Calm After the Storm"

June 30, 2004 01:46 PM

Sounds like you need a (( hug )). Your right about the system being biased.. also right in that its biased in many areas. *sigh*.. sounds like full weekends is a good thing. yea.

July 1, 2004 01:11 AM

I dont even know you, but have been looking at your images and reading your meandering words.

It sounds like you've had some kinda victory with access to your kids? I hope every moment spent with them is as delightful as the face of a child.

All the best.

July 1, 2004 09:06 AM

Not a victory, nor a defeat -- no real motion, just another long and emotionally-dulling punishment created for the sake of entertaining another person's personality problems. They will never be happy internally, so they've dedicated their life to ensuring that everyone near them externally is equally unhappy or worse. Their self-importance makes them jealous and resentful of professional therapists and the like, so they refuse therapy, prefering to self-medicate or lurch between cathartically-explosive incidents. It is, sadly, a common pattern among "Axis II" patients (bipolar, BPD, NPD, HPD, APD, whatever the PD du jour), all of whom believe they are exceptional and important but who are really as dully-predictable and ugly in their behavior as an old rusty dumpster.

July 8, 2004 10:48 PM

Found you through Elkit's "san francisco bay bloggers" blogroll.

I am so grateful my former husband has refrained from being a ^&*. I am sorry for you--there's no pain like being separated from your kids by divorce hassles.

If you want to read about a dad who is caught in can't see the kids cause he is gay, here's my blog summary (has links to his blog)


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