Coming Soon

Yes, another Street Photography Salon day has come and gone. My entries were admittedly a bit rushed as I've been slamming my schedule for the past couple of weeks, in preparation for my presentations at the 2004 Game Developer's Conference, which has also now come and gone over the past few days.

Our newest computer imaging book, GPU Gems, came out Monday and was an instant hit within the computer world — the guy running the GDC bookstore said its sales far outstripped any other title (including other new ones), by a factor of five or more (the link, BTW, includes an example chapter partly written by yhc). Rebecca and Isaac are now (in their words) "famous" since the book also contains a couple of my photos, in which they appear.

So now there's a bit more breathing space, at least for a couple of weeks before embarking on our next journey (to Florida and the Bahamas for some long-overdue vacation time) — allowing, among other things, for a little time to spend on The Blog.

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