The Only Good Macintosh... a live Macintosh, which mine was not for the past 24 hours. To be fair, it was the IBM disk that spontaneously failed, not the Apple hardware — so it was Apple's OEM purchasing managers who were twits, not the manufacturing folks.

My last backup was at New Years, so essentailly all mail I've recevied since December and before yesterday is gone — I especially apologize to a couple of folks who were bidding on some older camera gear, whose names and mail addresses I've now lost. I've swapped out the old G4 for a dual-G4 tower, and the disk was fresh-formatted today — really starting from nearly scratch.

Fortunately almost all photo stuff — and all original files and/or scans — were already on CD and/or on the hardy and dependable Windows machines. Never thought I'd say that.

February 18, 2004



The Troubles


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February 19, 2004 03:24 PM

Backup, backup often... average lifespan's of all hard drives is a fraction of what they used to be 5-8 years ago...

In a tower if possible go with a RAID setup for mirroring, or at the very least automated weekly backups of entire drive if possible, or at the very least the important stuff (like the User folder in Mac OS X)

as much as I personally haven't had problems, I do Mac tech support for a living, at least once a week there is an emergency for at least one client... things range from water damage, drops, drive failures, and more.

Clue Giver
February 19, 2004 03:56 PM

Backup is dead simple on any Mac.

If you have valuable stuff and it isn't backed up daily then your simply stupid.

I've found drives fail at a far higher rate on every PC / Windows combo verse a Mac machine. Simple disk thrashing from Windows flakey design on the PC's destroys disks. Most people become complacent on a Mac because it's about 5% chance every ten years that you'll loose data while in PC land it's over 95% chance you'll loose data every single year.

Stupid is as stupid does.

February 19, 2004 04:55 PM

Well I may be stupid, but I was pretty-well backed up and had a spare computer, complete, sitting next to my desk :)

The stuff I lost that was bothersome was only about a week old. The bigger loss has just been in time re-installing gimp print and photoshop etc etc. Some may call it stupid, but I refuse to spend my days in service to these machines (maybe I need to teach one of the kids to do maintenance as a chore...).

So far I've had two major Mac failures (one DURING A BACKUP), but none on Wintel, stretching all the way back to the first PC-DOS. Go figure. Crash, yes. Crash and burn, no.


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