The Big(ger) Picture

After some late-night MT tweaking, I'm moving to larger photos on the front journal pages — though as before, all journal photos are probably clickable.

At this point in its history, Botzilla has become something of an archeological museum of trends in web design and software, wiith layers of material from different eras and projects. There are still snips here and there from the original National Pixel Products site, back when I had NatPix hosted on (one of the earliest companies to offer hosting for individuals) — amazingly it was even listed on the NCSA's Cool Site of the Day, back in those dark, pre-Yahoo days. Then came photo stuff, then the House o' Props n Bots for my old housemate Jim's little project, aka The Palace; then new layers of photos galleries and digicam info and more galleries and the journal and another gallery associated with that.

I've considered gutting the whole thing — considered adding a cool kartoo-like site map — but for now I think I like it as-is, a rambling Mystery House of a site. Just listen to those hammers.

As a side note, for an extra site wing I'd love to build some day (if I thought I could withstand the liability risk): CNN reports today on the latest way that corporations and cops are preserving photographers' right to be senselessly harassed.

September 24, 2003



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