The Lesson

When we were in Japan we switched hotels, from a western-styled business hotel to a Japanese-styled urban ryokan. After settling-in I thought to run out around the corner to the local Family Mart for a soda. For the first time in days I left my camera behind with Courtney – I'd only be gone for five minutes, right?

No sooner do I turn that corner outdoors, than a lone guy comes running down the street toward me — black suit, tie, and a horse's head. He's shouting and waving at people in an upper-story window across the street as he runs by. Me: no camera.

Today, I think to leave the Contax at home... I've got my little Canonet in the desk at work anyway, right? At lunchtime, I jot down to the cafeteria — at the door there's a guy in a giant furry Shark suit (from the local hockey team). Me: no camera.

I feel an ominous trend developing.

September 18, 2003





Comments on "The Lesson"

Buzz Andersen
September 18, 2003 04:42 PM

Hey, cool--I have a Canonet too! My first real camera, which my Mom gave to me, was actually a Canonet. Now I have one of the coveted all black versions that I bought off eBay for nostalgia reasons :-).


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