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I keep trying to keep up with the many submissions for the strobe listing page, but it's not as easy as it might look — they come in pretty steadily (one or two a day), and I transcribe them pretty haphazardly. Fits and starts, but I'm still about 100 listings behind. For those of you who've posted measurements since about mid-May, please be patient... I've got a lot of writing and coding to do on other work besides this website.

Let that be a lesson to me... pages like that one, or the search dada page, that need regular labor-intensive management, can be a pain. I'm thankful for the help, and glad to put up public service sites like the strobe listing... but it's still a pain.

I've thought about further-automating the input process, but fear that it would get filled with vandalism and spam, as have the various guestbooks on other parts of Botzilla. Annoyingly, some "clever fella," apparently in Germany, has written a robot that goes around to website guestlogs and writes little compliments in them, like "love your site!"

What's wrong with this, you might ask? Well, for one, it's dishonest — the robot never really looks at the site, it's just prowling for web forms that follow a known pattern of controls. Second, and more importantly, those little compliments are loaded-up with advertising URLs for German car-financing companies. Feh. So I've had to run around cleaning up those cheery little turds, too — and re-writing my guestbook scripts to deter the robots.

September 16, 2003



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