Short tele

Six rolls Delta 400, 11.5 mins Xtol 1+1; one roll at ISO 100, around 9 minutes. Brita rules — should've done this a while back.

Ran across a new resource last night: the Analog Photography User's Group. Picking through the member logs and clicking the "www" links, one will find that there are some fine shooters connected to that group, and most of them without the laughably strident "digital is not art" attitude found in a few other analog-centric quarters.

I've been fascinated recently by the peachfuzz on the skin of kids, how it catches light in places that, if I were shading them in the computer, I might have thought was incorrect. It gives their faces an added dimensionality that adults lack, and an effect that makeup suppresses, despite its usual promises of a "youthful glow." For one moment, at least, I also remembered why I used to enjoy my fast 85mm.

August 18, 2003





Comments on "Short tele"

August 20, 2003 10:42 AM

I'll have to tell my aspiring photographer friend about this site!! Beep! :)


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