Cut the Cards

In the spirit of the photo journal index, I've added a new thumbnail index for photos from the Streetphoto Salon here.

The list of photos changes daily, and most of the existing links to the full text listing of salon photos are now directed to the random thumbnails instead.

August 12, 2003



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Comments on "Cut the Cards"

Jon Fernquest
August 16, 2003 12:00 AM

The size of the thumbnails and the quantity really gives you a nice big picture bird's eye view of the salon (like the view from a space ship above the earth). Mixing the themes up is also cool, but it might also be nice to see individual themes displayed like this also. What language did you script this in?

August 16, 2003 08:35 AM

The themes are present as "tool tiips" — just hold your mouse over the thumbnail. Only a portion of the pix and themes are shown at any one time, though — the thumbnail page shows about 20-30% of the collection. To show everything in this one directory would require 3-5 times as much bandwidth and screen space.

The script is written in perl — it just combs through the htmls in a directory (in this case, extracts picture references that have a matching thumbnail (the thumbnails are made by hand in another directory), shuffles the list of pictures and builds the index page using only a few off the top. A linux "cron" job re-executes the builder script once early each day.


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