Three rolls TMax 100, 9.5 mins Xtol 1+1. Another batch of Xtol gone. Unprocessed backlog now down to one roll of 120 and six rolls of 35mm. Need to run over to the lab and pick up the last roll of Ektachrome.

I had packed about a dozen rolls along for Siggraph — funny, I only shot a couple of them, and even then only after the bulk of the conference was completed. In the next few days I need to start bulkrolling again, in preparation for the coming trip to Korea and Japan. Last time in Korea I was running about four rolls a day — nearly the same in Japan. So for a trip to both locations... hmm.

Will probably pack the Contax along with the A-1 in my coat pocket, maybe an AE1 tucked in a suitcase as a backup... not really trusting the digital, especially since I had two batteries go belly-up in just a few weeks :/

August 06, 2003





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