Crazy Eights

Spent two days in San Francisco but did little shooting, other than of the distracted-tourist variety. I've got five rolls in the "pending" box, so I guess I shot something.... but really it's next to impossible to go out for shooting and something else. Shooting and shopping, shooting and chasing kids or going to restaurants, they're basically not going to work. It's basically a lone-hunter sort of activity, and hard to coördinate with other people in a group, except to say "I'll meet you at the corner in a bit" before wandering off across the street. But this weekend, that was okay, there were other fish to fry, people to see, curry to eat.

I'm sure Courtney will recap the highlights of the friends we visited, the foods consumed, the shows seen. She probably won't mention the copy of William Mortenson's 1934 Projection Control that I found on Irving Street, or the Huizinga 1938 Homo Ludens, or that I finally re-finished Barthes's Camera Lucida, which I'd slept through at CalArts. All good stuff — even brilliant, but in the end, the image I'll carry inside me from the weekend will just be playing cards with Courtney & the kids while we awaited our plate of pad thai for dinner. A little slice of happy connectedness, ephemeral and yet the most lasting father's day gift I could hope for.

Comments on "Crazy Eights"

June 16, 2003 04:55 AM

Had about the same luck trying to combine a sailboat race and photography this weekend. There was plenty of action but preoccupation with sailing the boat made capturing any of it impossible. Haven't souped the film yet but may have managed a few decent portraits during the quieter moments of the race.

Please give Courtney a nudge to scan and post a few of her cyanotypes.


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