Six rolls of TMax 100, 9.5 mins @ 20C, Xtol 1+1. Using coffee filters on the water does the trick... clean and crisp negs.

After a lot of struggling with color profiles I'm back to printing B&W prints via pure-black on Epson Matte. Shadow detail is better on small prints with multiple color, but for a larger print the pure-black is fine, the blacks are truly black, and the hazards of metamerism are left far behind. For my printer, at least, it seems to be better to print @ 720dpi "finest detail," rather than 1440dpi.

Made about 30 prints yesterday, most for the current project, the printer humming in the background while I prepped materials for the class I'm giving at Siggraph 2003. The prints are all around the living room, there for me to ponder for a while. I plan on printing some of them quite large, maybe 50" square.

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