Motor Drive

Three rolls TMax100, 9.5 mins Xtol 1+1. Less-diluted wetting agent, no squeegee on drying.... Ugh! This was the worst idea. Following Kodak's Photo-Flo instructions has resulted in the dirtiest, chem-stained negatives ever. Pec-12 hardly marks a dent in this schmutz. Didn't solve the original staining problem, either.

The past two or three weeks have been motor-driven to an astonishing degree. So far to go, yet so little looking at anything. Tonight was the first time in those weeks that I've had opportunity or energy to do any processing, between the furious preparations for the Siggraph, CEDEC, and Virtual Storytelling conferences and endless driving, driving, and driving back and forth to a parking lot 200 miles away. Lovely mountains, but views that are wasted with both hands on the wheel, on a tight schedule, tired and distracted under the brutally direct midday sun.

Rather than photograph, I made myself some notes for future photos. And made a few shots — mostly 6x6 slides, trying to finish-off my supply of E100VS.

Comments on "Motor Drive"

July 12, 2003 01:14 PM

I use Mirasol (Tetenal) and no squeegee on drying with good results. BTW I have my first roll of E100VS in my Lomo, will use it for x-processing.


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