Almost Made It, Part II

Spending this morning putting the last touches on my taxes, almost filed months ago. Had to wait until now to get a response back. Oops. Forgot my W-2's and discovered to my dismay that I'm subject to AMT as well. So adios, big fat refund (leaving behind a rather more-svelte refund).

Also waiting by the mailbox for the latest Contax-G print exchange, even as I've signed-up for the next print exchange. Only this time, I actually know what I'm sending, well-before the September (!) deadline.

If there's any time left after that stuff and getting into the office (long day today, stretching into the evening and up to San Francisco), I hope to fix some of the whacked formatting I left behind on the site while enabling a links and journal archive page yesterday. My apologies if everything looks whacked today... totally screwing-up your site is a great way to learn CSS, I hear.

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