Small Packages

So I scanned the first roll from the Canon QL17. Ta da! Not half bad. Side-by-side against the Contax, it lacks the last 5% of detail and doesn't match in terms of contrast — but for a price slightly less than that of a single Contax lens hood, it's pretty solid.

The play in the lens is real enough, but seems constrained to a side-to-side movement, and has only marginal effect on focus (even wide-open). The case gets a good stiff dose of Febreze. Maybe it needs two doses.

The only real problem today — where to get a 48mm lens cap on short notice? The Canon slip-on won't last, knowing how I treat gear. A check of B&H showed even Sky filters were scarce in 48mm — most more-expensive than the camera, heh.

The focus lever turns in the opposite direction from Leica (and my other Canon RF). There are no DoF markings. Can't have everything.....

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