Old and New

One roll Ektachrome 100G from Calypso. Three rolls TMax 100, Xtol 1+1, 8mins @ 23C

Summer is fast approaching — hard to get the water temperature down to 20C. Today saw several new technical features — first roll of 100G (more on this as I examine the scans), first use of the new version of Fototimer, and finally a new 30-year-old camera, a little Canonet purchased on EBay for $38, as a camera I can leave in my backpack without fear of it getting knocked around by books and notepads.

Visually, the Canonet is perfect. Even the battery check (and the battery itself) are spot-on. The rangefinder is crisp and bright, the glass looking good. It's smaller than the Contax and of course the leaf shutter is beautifully quiet (though my TLR is still quieter). There are only two problems that I see so far. Actually only one I can see.

First, the camera case has apparently been used as a humidor. The whole kit smells like an ashtray. I have never experienced anything like it! It made my car smell like tobacco after a three-minute drive. I can try to romanticize it, imagine a cigar-chomping Weegee smearing spit on the back of my New Toy. Yeah.

The second issue I didn't notice at first, but there appears to be play in the lens mount. This roll of TMax will tell the tale, once dried and scanned, but I'd hate to find out the camera was unable to focus. Grrr.

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